My life is a musical

I was this close to not responding to the Writing 101 Day 3 promptWrite about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

The mean reason was because my uncle died yesterday. Thank you to those of you who read my Day 2 post and offered condolences and prayers — my family and I really appreciate it.

Other reasons varied from “I was busy” to “I was tired” to “I hate choosing favorites.” No, I loathe choosing favorites. I see no reason why cheesecake has to be my favorite when there’ s also brownies and carrot cake and frozen yogurt.

But because I’m just OCD enough to shudder at the thought of only completing Writing 101 Days 1-2, 4-30, I figured it was too early to play hooky.

What are the three most important songs in my life? Not sure. But I can tell you the three songs that, for one reason or anotherbecause of three different boys, I ended up listening to for hours and weeks on end.

Someone Like You – Adele

It’s oh-so-embarrassing to admit, but I literally turned off the lights in my room and twirled in slow circles hugging my stuffed pig Hamlet while I listened to this song on repeat. For days. Like 900,000,000 other teenage girls in the world, I’m sure. Why? Because my heart was broken, duh. It’s a good story. I’m going to completely lose all focus and write it down NOW.

Okay, I’m back. After you finish reading this, you should definitely go check it out. And after you read my story, you should also watch SNL’s amazing Someone Like You skit starring Emma Stone and other wonderful individuals.

 As Long As You’re Mine – from Wicked

Being the strong woman bursting with self-confidence that I am, my first reaction when I had my first kiss was, “Wow, I can’t believe there’s actually someone who wants to kiss me!” Kind of like Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked: “Kiss me too fiercely, hold me too tight/I need help believing/You’re with me tonight.” I like the song, anyway, and might have played it a little more often around that time of my life. But we all know how that turned out. Or you should, if you’ve read my amazing angry poetry. Oops.

The Phantom Of The Opera – from The Phantom of the Opera 

I’ve already written rather a lot about this one. To be fair, I was listening to this soundtrack on loop before I met my Phantom, but my childhood fanaticism was certainly rekindled by my encounter with him.

Bonus Track: You’re The Best Around – from The Karate Kid

Ahhh, Karate Kid. What a wonderful movie. I got pumped up to take my three hour chemistry final exam listening to this on the walk over.  And no, this one has nothing to do with boys, just pure 80s movie bliss.


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