Casida del adiós

"Goodbye is the hardest word" by Shawna Erback

Art: “Goodbye is the hardest word” by Shawna Erback

Casida del adiós

English translation follows.

He cerrado mis labios
porque no quiero decir adiós,
pero en las caras que me rodean
no veo más que adiós.

Las memorias al frente burbujean,
las amistades al pasado se mueven,
cien esquirlas de vidrio cubren la alfombra.

Así el adiós empaña las memorias,
el adiós termina las amistades,
el adiós crea las esquirlas de vidrio,
el crujido de la puerta es un aullido de tristeza,
y no quiero decir adiós.

I have sealed my lips
Because I do not want to say goodbye
But in the faces that encircle me
I see nothing but goodbye.

The memories shift into the foreground
The friendships fade into the past
A hundred shards of glass litter the rug.

And so the goodbye tarnishes the memories
The goodbye terminates the friendships
The goodbye creates the shards of glass
The creak of the door is a howl of sorrow
And I do not want to say goodbye.

Written in December 2013
Inspired by Frederico Garcia Lorca’s “Casida del llanto” and published here in honor of my last day interning in Barcelona

7 thoughts on “Casida del adiós

  1. It’s kind of sad how true this is. I’ve met quite a few amazing people in my life, people who were very important to me in someway or another, but due to time and circumstance they just kind of fade into the background, despite my best efforts to stay connected. It’s even sadder, because it should be so easy now to keep in touch with people. Most of the people I met in the military are on Facebook or other social services, yet messages go unanswered (on both ends), or unsent. It’s nice to be able to see where their lives have gone, but sometimes those lives are so different now that it becomes a barrier.

    Sorry for rambling, ha ha. Nice piece, it really got me thinking.

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