Who do you say that I am?

I’ve been reflecting recently on the role of anonymity and persona with regards to blogging. See, people follow blogs because they like what they see — partly the writing, but also the writer. If the writer insists upon signing everything with a username and keeps, say, a painting of Calvin and Hobbes as a profile picture, she hovers in space, ephemeral, a mysterious entity that’s harder to pin down for lack of an anchor. There’s no name, no face, just a hazy cloud of attributes assembled from words.

If you aren’t given a mental image to work with, you’ll create your own. What am I, in your head? A storm cloud, to match my theme colors? A living Calvin or Hobbes? A deity living among spiraling galaxies? A little girl with her heart on her sleeve? A mature woman with the tenacity to take on the world? A man, because somewhere along the way you missed my gender? A capricious little blog fairy, dancing across your screen?

I’m genuinely curious. Who do you think I am?

13 thoughts on “Who do you say that I am?

  1. Funny! Today I was this close (finger and thumb an unmagnetic distance apart) to putting up a distinguishable photo of my face on my blog until I realized I kind of like the anonymity. As for you, you are a smart 30 something female with an uncanny sense of humor.

    • I knew it! I knew people had specific ideas! You know what would be fun? Having everyone submit pictures of “what I think you look like” and then laughing at how wrong they are. Or feeling creeped out when they’re right 🙂

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