Imaginary Diary-Peeking

This is in fact a Virtual Blog Tour. I could’ve named it that like a normal person, but you see, then my title would have looked the same as all the other Virtual Blog Tours out there. Booooor-ing.

For the record, Virtual = Imaginary. Blog = Diary. Tour = Peeking. I realize you probably didn’t need me to spell it out for you, but please don’t be insulted. I just have a compulsive need to clarify sometimes.

Anyhow, even though I don’t accept awards, I decided to go ahead and do the blog tour because I desperately needed an excuse to write. I’ve been seeing several other bloggers’ posts about writer’s block — the “I don’t know what to write, so I decided to write about how I don’t know what to write” ones — and I was just about to resort to that myself when Ms. Amelia Groves of “Putting Words Together”-chestershire (say it all together, fast — it works in my head) asked me to answer a few questions. Why not, said I!

…I’m going to give in to another compulsion to clarify here. Unlike my writer’s-blocked compatriots, I have no lack of ideas of what to write. I’m just lazy. Thought you ought to know.

Now, onward, to the tour!

1. What are you currently working on?

My social skills, general wittiness and ability to make quick comebacks, motivation to pursue my major with enthusiasm…

Oh. You meant in my writing. Well, I don’t have any novels-in-progress or anything. My short story was my main focus for a while, and I’m still editing it and planning a big (not that big) overhaul for the third edition.

I’m also working on my motivation, since I have a tendency to put writing on the backburner. I know I have a talent for it (and I’m humble too), but I never wrote often enough to feel like a writer until I started this blog a few months ago. My goal is to write often and consistently, and thereby improve my ability with practice, practice, practice.

As far as specific skills go, I’m honing my ability to write with humor, particularly in creative nonfiction pieces. Life’s more fun when viewed through eyes tearing up with hysterical laughter. I’m also trying to avoid the awful habits I know I have but keep falling into anyway, like using unnecessary adverbs, overusing certain words, relying too heavily on em dashes (but they’re such a beautiful form of punctuation!), starting too many sentences with “And,” “But,” or “So,” slipping into passive voice (science major problems, man), general wordiness, those kinds of things. Oh, and breaking grammar rules. I always know when I’m breaking them, but sometimes I do it too often and it looks like I don’t know what  a comma splice is. And I’m probably overfond of the asyndeton.

2. How does your work differ from others in the same genre?

Uhm, well, each person is a beautiful and individual snowflake, and this particular snowflake has her own, unique voice.

How’s that for a generic answer? *eyeroll*

I’m actually curious to hear what other people think of this one. At this point, at least, I’m not sure what makes me different from any other writer out there. I’ll have to revisit this question in a few years, after I’ve written my New York Times best-selling novel.

3. Why do you write (create ) what you do?

I write fiction because I love to read it, and I want to see some of my own work swimming in the vast sea of intertextuality.

I write nonfiction because it’s fun. I can take a few minutes of my life that I would normally forget, and immortalize them in a creative art  form. I have a terrible memory, so writing these moments down is often the only way to prevent them from being lost forever.

I write poetry because it’s different. Sometimes prose just doesn’t cut it. For me, poetry’s like painting — I could just snap a photograph, but I want to throw in my own flair. The end result might not be as clear, but it’ll have its own kind of beauty.

4. How does your creative process work?

Once I have an idea in my head, either from a prompt or from an inspiration out of the ether, a response forms and starts building on itself. It’s the same whether I’m dealing with short answer questions on tests, essay assignments, or creative writing. Some fluffy beginning sentence comes to mind, the next logical steps start pitter-pattering out onto the page, and then my brain jumps ahead to the overall ideas. Usually, within the first ten minutes of thinking about it, I can come up with an introduction and an outline. Then I just go back and fill in the blanks.

It sounds easy, I know, but what I described happens only when I’m really concentrating. Getting started is always a slow process, and motivating myself to keep plodding along through the first ten minutes or so is kind of like trying to get myself out of the house to go running. I just have a difficult time concentrating that hard. For me, there’s no writer’s block. It’s just pure laziness plus distraction — it’s The Blerch. I believe in The Blerch, and not just for running. There’s one for writing, too.

5. Whose diaries do you want to peek into?

Okay, that’s not a real question. But I’m supposed to make this blog tour continue in the same chain-mail-like fashion that makes blogger awards spread like wildfire. I don’t like chain mail awards, because awards should be given freely, not under the duress of finding 10-15 other people to nominate. Here, I suppose it’s okay, since it is a tour, after all. So here they are, in no particular order, with absolutely no pressure to respond. I do encourage you to check out their blogs, though. Each one of these blogs makes me smile.

1. Beth Teliho at Writer B Is Me

Because she’s HILARIOUS. We recently became virtual friends on this thing called the internet doing this thing called blogging, and my life is better for it.

2. Redg Camarse at Redg vs. The Machine

Because she, too, makes me laugh, and her stories are relatable, vivid, and brimming with personality. I would say I could imagine myself there, but that would be wrong. I am there.

3. QRParker at Waiting for Satan

Because this singular individual makes the most brilliant webcomics I’ve ever seen. They are simply drawn, but speak to my very soul, plus they make me laugh out loud with pure, childish delight.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, and here’s my official declaration of intent to return my nose to the grindstone! I SHALL WRITE! But considering it’s now 3 AM 4 AM my time, I think I’ll start tomorrow.

This is probably part of the reason I've been so unproductive. Photo taken from

This is probably part of the reason I’ve been so unproductive. Photo taken from

10 thoughts on “Imaginary Diary-Peeking

  1. I’m so glad you alerted me of this post because I love your answers! I need to go read about The Blerch; I’m very curious.

    Also, I break grammar rules all the time too. It’s kind of trending. Because of us I think. We’re amazing.

    Thank you for tagging me!!! I did this already back in April (wow, this tour has tenacity). I tried to keep my answers interesting as well. I’d tag my post link here, but I’m on my phone. And coffee hasn’t happened yet.

    I need to get your new posts in my email. As soon as I get to my computer (which I haven’t opened in a week) I’ll do that. Oh looky, I can do that here * points below* Yipppeee! You rock.

    • OMG you MUST read about The Blerch. It’s one of my favorite comics from that genius guy who writes The Oatmeal, which you’ve heard of — you must have heard of — I sure hope you’ve heard of (!!!!) — and…you should read it. Since I’m on my computer and coffee has happened, I’ve linked to it again in my comment for ease of finding 😉

      Be sure to pass along the link to your blog tour, too! I love to read any and all of your stuff. Including your comments. Which have made my day, by the way. Thank you 😀

      • Oh, joy and success! I’ve brought a new acolyte to the altar of The Oatmeal! As someone who has owned 8 cats, you might very well enjoy the one about brushing your teeth while the house burns down. It’s another of my favorites, and I’ll link to it as soon as I get to a real computer 🙂 And I believe he’s a dude. He’s called himself Matthew before, unless I’m totally crazy.

        Your blog tour was everything I expected and more ❤

  2. Thank you for featuring me on your blog tour! I’m glad that people find my stories interesting even if they don’t know me personally. I always get paranoid that my friends like my writign because they were there when something happened or they know the people I’m talking about. So, thank you! 🙂 Also, I’m glad I found your blog through Writing 101. I like the way you write especially your poems. 🙂 Keep on writing!

    P.S. And I’ve only learned about asyndetons now, so thank you for that little fact! 😀

    • You’re welcome, and thank YOU! Your stories are very relatable, even to an outsider.

      I’m glad you like my poetry! Sometimes I worry it’s too dark/deep/dense in comparison to the rest of my stuff, but then again, I did say I do all kinds of writing 🙂

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