public service announcement

HEY EVERYBODY! It’s me! Yes, really me! Not Mini Me or distracted poet me or vague scheduled posts me, but me writing, here, now, to you, for you.

First off, I’m SOOOOOORRY. This whole blogging while in college thing is really hard, so props to those of you out there who somehow manage to keep it up. I’m amazed and inspired by you.

I’ve been trying to keep things going here, and I’ve managed to put out a post or two each week, but based on the major dropoff in readership I think my efforts may be a bit lackluster. My first day of classes was August 25th, so I’ve officially been in school a month now. It SUCKS. I’m taking six classes, 18 credits plus a one-credit audit (if you count the audit, seven classes) and I’ve already flunked at least one exam. I actually should be studying for my fluid mechanics exam RIGHT NOW, but I wanted to check in with you all and say hello in person, so to speak.

Anyway. School is crazy stressful and I want to write more, but reposting old work (mini-me’s) and typing up the occasional poem I write in class is about all I’ve been able to manage. I would like to do more, but I’m struggling. I’m 75% finished with the story of my orientation weekend, so hopefully that will come along soon, with more stories to follow.

really gotta go study, so for now, have a poll!

4 thoughts on “public service announcement

  1. Don’t let a drop off in readership get you down…I’ve found there’s often an ebb and flow. Weeks where I post every day I get maybe a handful of views. Then you have a week like this, where I don’t post anything, and yet my hits actually go up. It’s weird.
    Focus on your school work, and write and post when you can. College is stressful enough without worrying over page views.

    • Hahaha, yes, absolutely…you’re 100% right! I’m definitely not stressing about page views, I just feel guilty. I want to keep up with my creative writing and I have a good thing going here, so I don’t want to lose momentum and stop writing altogether — a very real possibility in stressful engineering school 😛

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