I feel…cold.

I’m scared. My heart shivers

despite the pressure squeezing it ever inward, smaller and smaller till it’s ready to burst.

Each hair on my body tingles with the anxiety blazing across my skin

And even as the tears stream down my face

I know

my pain pales in comparison to yours.

All I have are words–

Your words

conveying the hurt
the sorrow
the despair and self-doubt and misunderstanding and hate.

My words

failing to fix it,
to mend you,
to soothe and ease and calm and reassure.

Your words

asking more questions
for clarifications
for answers and transparency and honesty and truth.

My words

making it bad
making it worse
making the pain swell and swell…
It consumes you
(and me).

No words

emphasizing the quiescence
the silence
the broken and the empty and the alone

And I feel…cold.


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