Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful fairy princess named Nellie. She had curly, blond hair and bright blue eyes. But most beautiful of all were her wings: shimmering sapphire and turquoise and aquamarine, every shade of blue imaginable and sparkly like a waterfall on a sunny spring day.

— from Al(m)as, a lovely little story that you should definitely read)

My blog is my place to explore the world, starting with the bizarre place that is my own mind. Poetry, journaling, fiction, carefully edited or wordvomited straight to the internet, this is my place to be me. Or Fred. I can always be Fred, because sometimes I like to be Fred.

When I’m not Fred, you can call me Maria. Maria Celeste. I’d love to share my real name with ya’ll, but I write too much autobiographical stuff to not have some amount of privacy on my blog.

My writing can be all over the map, so take a look at my categories. I dabble in poetry, rant about my life as a 20-year-old liberal arts and engineering student, and reserve a fiction section for the stories that didn’t actually happen.

Oh, and about feedback. It’s the best thing ever. Comments make my day, and I try to reply thoughtfully to each and every one of them. Granted, it helps if you give me something to work with, but I like the “Loved this!” ones too.

I welcome constructive criticism, so never feel guilty critiquing my work. I look to improve with each and every piece I write.

Password pleas, fan mail, and other miscellany can be sent to beholdtheinfinite@gmail.com or submitted below. Thanks for stopping by! And remember, when life gives you lemons, use the juice for invisible ink!

…like I did, figuratively speaking, here. ^^


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Next to the engineering part it sounds like we have quite some things in common. I’m a 20 year old languages student and I too like to write fiction and poetry from time to time.

    Nice to meet you, Infinite :).

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  3. So I’m at the beach today with my family, and when I pause to check email I see notifivations of likes and sweet comments on my blog from this lovely person calked behold the infinite. I couldn’t reply because….well I was at the beach and using my phone, but had to check you out now that I’m out if the sand. YOU totally made my day. Love your blog, too! I’ll check out more when I’m at a computer, but thank you for all the blog love today. Nice to meet you, new friend!! 🙂

  4. You say you don’t accept awards, but howabout participating in the Virtual Blog Tour? You aren’t obliged to, obviously, but there are some questions here I’d really love for you to answer. They’re purely about writing, and I can imagine your readers also being greatly interested in your answers. 🙂

    If you really don’t want to, then that’s fine, but my post is here just in case! http://ameliagroves.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/virtual-blog-tour-28th-july-14/

    • I really should do this, considering I’ve been taking a longer-than-anticipated break from writing, and this might be just the thing to get my lazy fingers typing. Feel free to poke and prod me in a couple days if I haven’t done it yet 😉

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