Aching for you

For a headache, aspirin

For a muscle ache, ibuprofen 

For an ear ache, antibiotic

For a stomach ache, Tums

For a heartache…what?

I know one thing for sure:

I feel the pain like a cut.

And I can’t get the cure:

It’s miles away. 

When push comes to shove,

The ache’s here to stay.

Oh, my dear love,

The cure’s simple to find,

Just not to do. 

It’s clear in my mind:

I just need you. 


School sucks.

Hello everyone 🙂 I probably won’t get a chance to write for real until winter break, but I hope you’ll come back after the drought.

Being a humanities-oriented person in engineering school is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. I’m so curious to see what I think of my decision to pursue engineering after it’s all over. Right now, I think I was an idiot, but I’ve gone back and forth on this a lot, so we’ll see.

I’m taking 18 credit hours of engineering classes, I’m absurdly overloaded and overstressed, and if I do really well for the rest of the semester, I’ll still get my first C I’ve ever gotten in a class. Two of them, in fact. So basically I’m just looking forward to it all being over.

Anyway, I’ll stop being depressing and just post a depressing poem 😉


Jan 28, 2014

I want something real.

I want something lasting.

I want someone to have and to hold till death do us part.

The commitment part, the responsibility, the adult bits? Those can wait. I’m in no rush.

But I want to find that person, that man I can see beside me for the rest of my life. I don’t want to get married anytime soon. But I do want to see that door open and know it is a possibility.

A year ago I wanted a relationship. Any relationship, really. Sure, I had a couple crushes, but if pretty much anyone approached me I would have been willing, because I craved the recognition. I worried about shared values, interests, etc., but put those worries on hold. Why not just give it a shot and see how it goes? Continue reading

public service announcement

HEY EVERYBODY! It’s me! Yes, really me! Not Mini Me or distracted poet me or vague scheduled posts me, but me writing, here, now, to you, for you.

First off, I’m SOOOOOORRY. This whole blogging while in college thing is really hard, so props to those of you out there who somehow manage to keep it up. I’m amazed and inspired by you.

I’ve been trying to keep things going here, and I’ve managed to put out a post or two each week, but based on the major dropoff in readership I think my efforts may be a bit lackluster. My first day of classes was August 25th, so I’ve officially been in school a month now. It SUCKS. I’m taking six classes, 18 credits plus a one-credit audit (if you count the audit, seven classes) and I’ve already flunked at least one exam. I actually should be studying for my fluid mechanics exam RIGHT NOW, but I wanted to check in with you all and say hello in person, so to speak.

Anyway. School is crazy stressful and I want to write more, but reposting old work (mini-me’s) and typing up the occasional poem I write in class is about all I’ve been able to manage. I would like to do more, but I’m struggling. I’m 75% finished with the story of my orientation weekend, so hopefully that will come along soon, with more stories to follow.

really gotta go study, so for now, have a poll!

Eaten by the pizza

Last Saturday, I tried something new. Daring. Exciting. Horrifying.

The Pointersaurus Pizza Challenge was the craziest attempt at eating I’ve ever made, and that’s including all those Thanksgivings that left me more stuffed than the turkey.

Believe me, I was prepared. I’d been drinking a gallon of water every evening to stretch out my stomach. I ate half of a 20-lb watermelon for dinner the day before to make sure I could handle the volume. The day of the eating challenge, my teammate and I were jazzed and ready.

Even after seeing the massive 28-inch, 11-lb, sausage-and-pepperoni pizza come out of the oven, we were optimistic we could finish it within the hour. No amount of suffering could keep us from the $500 prize winnings — we had our 80s montage music playlist playing and everything.

Our Pointersaurus. Yes, the actual pizza we (almost) ate.

Our Pointersaurus. Yes, the actual pizza we (almost) ate. That box is a yard wide.

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Mini-Me Monday: What do you want to be…?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s such a hard question to answer!  But as I come across various jobs which appeal to me, I’ll write them down and then I’ll have something to say!

  • Find a cure for the common cold
  • Fireworks designer
  • Vintner
  • Graphic artist
  • Computer programmer
  • Teacher
  • Cancer Researcher
  • Doctor
  • Forensic Scientist
  • School Counselor
  • Invent something amazing and never work, just be a stay-at-home mom or something
  • Hermit
  • Before I figure out what I want to be…I know where I want to GO! Stanford!
  • An Engineer (goes with the “invent something” plan)

The above is an ongoing list I’ve had for quite some time, roughly in chronological order. Fireworks designer still sounds awesome. I’ve always dreamed of seeing Gandalf-like fireworks in our night sky. Continue reading

Meet the friendly college leper!

[Now with all-important footnotes]

Eww, gross, no thanks…okay fine, I won’t be rude, but seriously, I’m not shaking her hand.



I am SO ANGRY right now.

At the universe, yes, and perhaps the universe should bear the brunt of it, but my sister is such a convenient target. I am angry with my sister.* My beloved, older sister who is 16 years my senior.

I shall slay her. No, I won’t. But I will murderurdle her. (A term coined by my former roommate to make expressing anger sound cuter.) Continue reading

Mini-Me Monday: Julian Thomas

Oh, the pre-teen angst!

I’ll warn you now, this is a longish one. But it’s also fascinating. This is the first Mini-Me, but hopefully not the last.

What follows is an unedited “short story” I wrote shortly after the events transpired, with modern-day annotations for your benefit. Names and places changed or omitted, of course. I can’t decide whether to be disturbed by the fact that I still kind of react to guys the way I did then (but that’s another story), or laugh. I think I’ll just go with laugh.

A long time ago — when AOL Instant Messenger was still the bee’s knees — in a land strangely identical to the one where I currently reside, there lived an eighth-grader named Maria. She attended a small, Catholic, K-12 school, one of those ones where the classes are so small that the 1st and 2nd grades share a classroom, as do the 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, etc. At this point in her young life, Maria had grown out of the phase during which boys were fit only for gratuitous kicking. But she had yet to grow into a new one. In sum, boys weren’t icky, but they were definitely beneath notice.

Julian Thomas: A Short Story about a Weirdo


About a month ago, a new boy came to our school.  Apparently his name is Julian Thomas and he’s a freshman; that’s all I knew about him…until he IMed1 me.

1: Nowadays, the kids would say he “messaged” me. Back when AIM was the only way to M, we called it IMing. Like texting, but on the computer. Gosh. It’s not that complicated.


Completely randomly, someone IMed me whose screen name I’d never seen.  The name was “bayareajuliant,” so the name “Julian” reassured me.  I figured the new kid had just gotten a hold of my screen name from a friend.  He said, “Hey,” and I just responded with a question mark.  He told me that he was the “new kid” at school in ninth grade, and I found out that he’d gotten my screen name from Claire, a girl in 7th grade in my 7/8 class.

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A day on the whitewater

The target was painted on my back halfway through the van ride to the river. Not, you know, once we got on the boat or anything. Nope. The teasing started IN THE FRIGGIN VAN.

Apparently, I was asking too many questions. How was I supposed to know there was a limit to the number of questions I could ask?? I reached it before we even made it to the water.

How big of a step up is Class IV whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork of the American river compared to Class III on the Truckee?

What’s the best river for exciting rafting?

This bridge is really the tallest in California? Do they allow bungee jumping off of it?

I was so excited! I couldn’t help it! When our soon-to-be rafting guide Jeff told me I’d reached my question quota for the day, I was crushed. Well, for about a minute.

Pssst, Sarah, ask him how long it takes to become a rafting guide!

Am I really asking too many questions?

Are we there yet? Continue reading