I’ve tried to make it easy to explore my blog by putting categories and tags in the top menu, sidebar, and footer, but sometimes that’s not enough. This page isn’t a full table of contents, but it’ll get you started.

If you’d like to visit the Restricted Section, just send me a polite (and preferably witty) email with your password request.

to give you a taste for my writing

Ambience: Dining Solo (rhyming poem) because sometimes that’s just the way it is

Aperitif: Mother’s Mandate (haiku) a little something to spark the appetite

Appetizer: On dancing partners, or the lack thereof (thought) because this should be fun, after all

First Course: La música (Spanish poem) for a foreign flair 

Second Course: Sleeping with a psycho (true story) for some laughs

Third Course: I’m hugging you, Mom. Can you feel me? (letter) for some tears

Dessert: Star Crossed (true story) a charming, sweet tale

Digestif: True Colors (angry poem) because angry poetry is the best poetry

The Award-Winning Dish: They’re called breasts, not bazongas funny, entertaining, and insightful all in one

The Phantom
the true story of the boy who had me at “Phantom of the Opera.”

Part 1: Star Crossed a super-cute story of boy meets girl

Part 2:  All I Ask Of You a brief follow-up to the previous post

Part 3: A Ticking Clock what happens if a relationship has an expiration date?

Part 4:  Meet the Parents okay, time to panic.

Part 5: One Day More as things come to a close

Part 6: Love Never Dies a bittersweet ending to rival the storybook beginning

the story of a brother, a sister, and the power of the imagination (fiction)

Entire story in PDF best to read it here

Promo/feedback guide here’s why you should bother reading this story

Al(m)as, Part 1 the first draft versions are all available in parts


Thoughts? Please share!

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