Always There

I felt scared and alone
and you were always there
I felt isolated, on my own
and you were always there

I felt ugly and insecure
and you were always there
I felt hesitant and unsure
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Mini-Me Monday: Julian Thomas

Oh, the pre-teen angst!

I’ll warn you now, this is a longish one. But it’s also fascinating. This is the first Mini-Me, but hopefully not the last.

What follows is an unedited “short story” I wrote shortly after the events transpired, with modern-day annotations for your benefit. Names and places changed or omitted, of course. I can’t decide whether to be disturbed by the fact that I still kind of react to guys the way I did then (but that’s another story), or laugh. I think I’ll just go with laugh.

A long time ago — when AOL Instant Messenger was still the bee’s knees — in a land strangely identical to the one where I currently reside, there lived an eighth-grader named Maria. She attended a small, Catholic, K-12 school, one of those ones where the classes are so small that the 1st and 2nd grades share a classroom, as do the 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, etc. At this point in her young life, Maria had grown out of the phase during which boys were fit only for gratuitous kicking. But she had yet to grow into a new one. In sum, boys weren’t icky, but they were definitely beneath notice.

Julian Thomas: A Short Story about a Weirdo


About a month ago, a new boy came to our school.  Apparently his name is Julian Thomas and he’s a freshman; that’s all I knew about him…until he IMed1 me.

1: Nowadays, the kids would say he “messaged” me. Back when AIM was the only way to M, we called it IMing. Like texting, but on the computer. Gosh. It’s not that complicated.


Completely randomly, someone IMed me whose screen name I’d never seen.  The name was “bayareajuliant,” so the name “Julian” reassured me.  I figured the new kid had just gotten a hold of my screen name from a friend.  He said, “Hey,” and I just responded with a question mark.  He told me that he was the “new kid” at school in ninth grade, and I found out that he’d gotten my screen name from Claire, a girl in 7th grade in my 7/8 class.

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handsome stranger

Well, hello there.
I hadn’t expected to see you again.
Where are you off to?
Me, too.
What do you do?
You’re a journalist?
Wow, that’s so cool.
I would have guessed male model.
I did NOT just say that.
What do you think about, standing in the metro on your way to work?
You ponder the latest book you read?
And the next fantastic piece you’re going to write?
And the meaning of life and everything?
What a great answer.
I do that, too.
Oh, this is your stop?
Alright, I’ll let you go.
Nice meeting you.
Maybe we’ll see each other on another Monday morning commute.