A day on the whitewater

The target was painted on my back halfway through the van ride to the river. Not, you know, once we got on the boat or anything. Nope. The teasing started IN THE FRIGGIN VAN.

Apparently, I was asking too many questions. How was I supposed to know there was a limit to the number of questions I could ask?? I reached it before we even made it to the water.

How big of a step up is Class IV whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork of the American river compared to Class III on the Truckee?

What’s the best river for exciting rafting?

This bridge is really the tallest in California? Do they allow bungee jumping off of it?

I was so excited! I couldn’t help it! When our soon-to-be rafting guide Jeff told me I’d reached my question quota for the day, I was crushed. Well, for about a minute.

Pssst, Sarah, ask him how long it takes to become a rafting guide!

Am I really asking too many questions?

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I thought you ought to know…

…I’m going white water rafting today. On class IV+ rapids, supposedly. I signed the release form that says it’s my fault if I die, and specifically that “I understand that class IV and V represent the most difficult and dangerous levels of whitewater and recognize that the risks associated with whitewater rafting are increased.”


If I die, this will be my last blog post. If I almost die, my next blog post will be awesome. Living on the edge, baby!