Heart out

My heart is hurting, and I know the cure

If I rip it out, it’ll heal for sure.

It’s useless to me where I am, here

It’s not like I use it, without you near.

I’ll place it, beating, into a box bright blue

I’ll send it by first class mail to you.

In bright red letters, I shall write on there:

Here is my heart. Handle with care.


Lo que he visto

he visto la guerra
he visto el hambre
he visto el fin de toda la tierra
y he visto el mundo, lleno de sangre.

pero lo peor que he visto en mi vida
— lo que mi corazón nunca olvida —
fue la cara, por lágrimas envuelta,
de una niña, pequeña y muerta.

I have seen war
I have seen hunger
I have seen the end of the entire earth
and I have seen the world, full of blood.

but the worst that I have seen in my life
— that which my heart never forgets — 
was the face, wrapped in tears,
of a girl, small and dead.