Plane Part Deux

The best thing to do after a 9-hour flight and 12 hours traveling? Get on another plane.

I called my mom during my layover and reported that I hadn’t slept, and wasn’t planning on it during the next leg. That way, I’d arrive in the San Francisco airport ready to sleep off the journey.

Ten minutes into the five-hour transcontinental flight, my head hit the tray table and I fell fast asleep.

I woke to the crackling speaker and the captain’s voice “…landing in San Francisco, about 11:30 pm local time.”

What? I’d slept through the whole flight? Oh glorious day!

I decided to make a celebratory trip to the bathroom to stretch my aching muscles before they turned on the seatbelt sign and prepared the cabin for landing. While I waited for the little indicator light to turn green and vacant, I asked the woman behind me if she knew how long it would be until we landed.

“Well, he said 11:30, so however long it is from now until 11:30, I guess,” she hazarded.

“Yeah…I just don’t know what time it is…” In other words, your response is entirely useless.

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Nine hours a-plane

I just heard about coolest event ever. 300 lucky people get to sit in rows in an airtight room together for nine hours! It’s awesome. Everyone is doing it. In fact, thousands of people do it every day. C’mon, let’s go, it’ll be fun!

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Dining solo

Ham Session in Girona (photo taken by me)

Ham Session in Girona (photo taken by me)

Surrounded by people,
And yet all alone
Happy chatter blends
And makes a loud drone.

Family and friends
All come together
To celebrate each other
And the bonds that they treasure.

Though we share the same space,
We hail from all around
They talk excitedly
I contribute not a sound.

Breathing a sigh,
I pull out my phone
Surrounded by people
And yet all alone.